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I got my first total girl this Saturday and I really want more - Bella I love Total Girl. Never stop making your magazines. I love Total Girl. - Leila I Love Your mags - Samantha I love your magazine’s they are the best.-Lil - Lil LUV yr Mags :D - Jackie Please can you put a desendents 3 mag I love them and love the mags keep making them - Avalyn These Mags Are Awesome - Melissa OMG YOUR MAGS ARE SOOO GOOD!!!😍Love your mags forever! - Sofia Hi TG!! I’m a big fan of your mags and try and get them as soon as possible and I love them all I don’t have a fav cuz I love them all!! - Cora Hi! My name is Quinn and I am a fan of ur mags! They cheer me up! I have won 1 comp and so has my bro! Never stop making this because the are totally amazing! - Quinn