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I am a big fan of your mag as well as my friend Lily we both read it.. Very interesting. 💓 The magic mix it would be ssooo good to win.. 💕💕💕 - Athena Hey tg! I have been reading you guys since 2014! Shoutout to my friend lily! <33-Hayley - Hayley HOLA!!! - Nicole shout out to my favourite singer Ariana grande - Thea I love your mags TG!!!! Keep up the great work 👍🏼 - Samantha ✨Total girl is amazing✨ - Summer I love your magazine’s♥️ . Charlie - Charlie TG is the best I get a subscription for my birthday BEST MAG EEEEVVVVEEEERRRR :] - Abba hey lovvvveeeeee the mag realy want to subscribe but i have no monny - madison Shout out to my best friend Kiera! She is an awesome friend and I could never live without her! - Ellie


Yee-haw! Your weekly wrap up of the juiciest goss out!

Hi TG's 

I love, love, loveee celeb news! Espesh ones that bring some posi vibes such as new music and awards given to our faves. Here is a quick round up of celeb goss (or tea as you may say) that's been brewing. 

Olivia Rodrigo is killing it on the charts! Olivia just released her first debut single, 'drivers license', and it has already been streamed 33 million times, beating Ari’s  ' thank u, next!'And if you’re wondering why she looks so familiar, it’s because you may have seen her on Bizaardvark or High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. You go, Olivia!


Image: Disney+

Wanda Vision is out now on Disney+ and we’re loving it! As you know, we’re so obsessed with female superheroes and Scarlett Witch is deffs one of the coolest ones out there. We’re so excited to see where the show will go! Leave a comment down below if you’ve seen it!


BTS has won the Spotify award for “Most Streamed K-Pop Artist 2020". This award is super cool, try using your parents phone to scan the award and it should take you to some banging BTS tunes! 


Calling all D’Amelio fans! Did you know that the TikTok sisters are getting their own reality show??? Leave a heart below If you’re going to tune in! 




2/8/2021 3:57:09 PM
i had no idea what it wasdwhen I came downstairs at home, stayed for a few seconds, then ended up watching an entire episode lol
19/4/2021 2:06:51 PM
I love wanda vision!(✿◕‿◕✿)
9/4/2021 2:40:42 PM
I don't like Wonda Vision. but drivers license is an amazing song!
13/3/2021 9:51:28 AM
13/2/2021 6:29:07 AM
Yeah!!! I have watched a few eps of Wandavision and it’s rlly good! I also love olivias new song! Would 💜 to see her more in the mags!
8/2/2021 11:07:36 AM
I love total girl and this is the first time I have ever seen your website and it is awesome. I love the celeb gossip it is so good. I am so excited that the D’Amelio sisters are getting a Reality show.😝😝🤩🤩
2/2/2021 1:30:24 AM
Yes, I have seen WandaVision and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! So so good, and it is so cool seeing one of my favourite female superheroes get her own show! Go girl!! ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻
29/1/2021 5:30:34 PM
TG's Bek
Hi Lucy! Yesss they are getting their own show - not too sure when it's getting released but you'll hear from here first!!
27/1/2021 2:29:50 PM
Omg charli and Dixie have their own reality tv show? I’m so happy that they do!!! I wish they were Australian!
21/1/2021 4:19:26 PM
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