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Hi I am a huge fan of total girl. I have about 16 mags. - Elsie hey TG i'm a HUGE FANN!! - Emilia If ur reading this Caitlin Sophia Abigail dacqula, ur the best! - Willow Hello team TG!OMTG, I love it mags so much they soothe my anxiety! TvT -Ayeza :D - Ayeza Hi guys thankyou for always updating the prizes - Zakia OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tg's DO NOT get me started on how much I loooove your mags! I have been reading them for two years and i am in love with it! L❤ve Estelle! - Estelle Thank you for being a amazing little brother!!!!!!!!!! - Bodhi Dear TG I love your mags and you inspired me so much to make my own - Elyssia - Elyssia I love compition - MANAHIL I AM A DUCK!!!!! <3 :3 0>0 - Emilia