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Who is your favourite TikTok star?

Who is your favourite TikTok star?

Who is your favourite TikTok star?
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Who is your favourite TikTok star?
Addison Rae
Charli D'Amelio
Mariam Star
Loren Gray

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Omg Addison and Charli the best!!!
23/4/2022 2:50:59 PM
Charli D'Amelio is awesome! She's so kind and so famous, and her style is so cool, and she's sooo good at dancing! I even made a fan page about her and Addison Rae!
18/10/2021 2:28:27 PM
I really love Charli. Shes so kind to people and supports black people. Shes also a really good dancer and i get new dance moves from her.
30/9/2021 2:49:30 PM
I totes vote Charli! She’s so true to herself and super cool and looks pretty aesthetic and retro. She’s so pretty too (LOL!)! HEer TikToks are really unique and sassy.
8/9/2021 6:46:26 PM
charli and addison
22/8/2021 4:49:10 PM
I'am in love with Lilhuddy
18/8/2021 5:58:52 PM
Eva that would be so cool!
17/8/2021 1:20:10 PM
I like Charli because she is so true to herself and she's a really good dancer so I get most of my dance inspo from her. Charli if you're looking at this, you are like one of my fave tiktokers.
10/8/2021 8:26:03 AM
id love for u to do a charli and dixie sister mag, ive seen some other mags do that :)
2/8/2021 7:12:57 PM
Charlie is the best she is the most famous person on tiktok her fashioned clothe are amazing i wish i waslike her
23/7/2021 12:04:21 PM
Definitely charlie . Who dosent enjoy watching charlies vids on tiktok
22/7/2021 1:59:28 PM
I don’t have TikTok but Addison rae is my fav I used to have a fan page of her
16/7/2021 4:48:41 PM
I don’t have Tik Tok but I love Charli D’Amelio
12/7/2021 10:58:50 AM
I like Bella poarch because she is so cute and adorbs but outh of the quiz Charlie is very good
11/7/2021 7:39:36 PM
I don't have tick tock 😞 But I know that Charlie Damelio is super famous!
12/6/2021 7:30:23 PM
addison rae and dixie d'amelio
8/6/2021 4:38:46 AM
I like charli damelio
7/6/2021 3:59:21 PM
Hi if I get to do this it would be a dream come true and I can’t picture anything better that would happen this year if I am a lucky girl. Ty TG Love you so much I am a big fan of your page.
28/5/2021 1:43:00 PM
It like Dixie d Amalio and Brent and Lexi rivera
23/5/2021 9:57:08 AM
why is everyone like charli give the other girs a chance charlis always in the spotlight luv u addison keep up teh good work TG
9/5/2021 12:13:38 PM
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