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K-pop stans: TG Chats to ABK Dance Crew

K-pop stans: TG Chats to ABK Dance Crew

K-pop in public! This dance crew has a BTS dance cover that got millions of views!

Hey TGs! 

It's no secret that the sounds that BTS create make us want to boogie, espesh to the song IDOL! But have you ever tried to learn their whole dance routine? Meet the South Australian dance crew that has successfully pulled off each step and routine!

Let’s talk about your ‘Boy With Luv’ dance cover that has reached over 17M views. That’s amazing! Take us behind the scenes of filming that video.

Caitlin: It only took us one or two weeks to learn the choreography and the process was super stress-free because it was such a happy song and the dance wasn’t too difficult. We just had a lot of fun with it from start to finish. I think we smashed it out in about two weeks and we had to go with that iconic pink costumes, because we wanted to  match BTS’ video. We send all our outfits to the same chat just to make sure we aren’t wearing the same thing. It’s pretty fun and a lot to do coz we’re sending these ridiculous full pink outfits!

Larissa: It was just a very happy process!

Where do you get your dance inspo? 

Caitlin: Everyone kinda has a different background. Like I’ve been dancing since I was really young, whereas these guys just started in their teen years. It’s cool to really bring that together and we still kinda fit seamlessly. But basically, we copy the set choreography from the songs.

That’s what our whole channel is, K-pop in public. Our biggest draw to our channel is fans seeing the public and everyone’s reaction to the choreography!

And what reactions do you guys get when you dance?

Jasmine: A very mixed bag.
Caitlin: Some love it, some are very unbothered by it.
Larissa: It’s more exciting when people who walk past us know the songs and they start cheering for us or they would film us and post it somewhere later. I think for the general public, their reaction is like 'What’s going on here?' but it’s mostly positive.


Some of your most viral dance covers are to BTS songs. What do you love most about BTS?

Caitlin: I think first and foremost, their music and their messages that they portray through that. And their dance and their moves, but their personalities are great as well!

Jasmine: They’re very humble people.

Larissa: I find them really inspiring as performers and as people. [They've been] very open the majority of their lives, they do post a lot and you do see their personalities online, so I find them as really inspirational as people and the work they’ve done in their community and charities. Also as performers and their dedication to the craft. 

JasmineI think as well their creative freedom in the company; they make their own solo music and can produce their own thing. They can be comfortable, which I think is really different and cool.

And who are some of your other fave K-pop artists?

ALL: A lot!
Jasmine: My favourite are The Boyz, Loona and Seventeen.
Caitlin: I like TXT as well. 
Larissa: Stray Kids are nice, Blackpink, Seventeen. 

Out of all the videos on your channel is there one that is your fave? Most challenging or most favourable?

Larissa: To me, the most challenging one we filmed was our cover of 'On' by BTS. It was just such a full-on choreography - it’s basically a cardio work out and really long as well. It’s close to six minutes long so we had to split the filming in two to make sure we kept our energy throughout. That was one of the most challenging ones. It was still fun! My favourite one would probably also be another BTS one, our cover of 'Black Swan'.

Jasmine: I was going to say the same.

Larissa: Our cover of 'Black Swan' by BTS, because the choreography is a bit different from anything we’ve done before. I was still proud of how we pulled it off. It’s a bit more of a modern, contemporary / hip-hop vibe. It’s not quite as hard-hitting as some of the other ones we have done!



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