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HI im 7 years old and i love the drawings and i have been on in the book before with my drawing hope you pick mine. - Sophie hey TG i'm a HUGE FANN!! - Emilia love you TG and always will - Sophie I would love to win the scooter - sofia Hi TG's! I love, love, love your mag!! Never stop making it! - Phoebe - Phoebe CONTINUE BEING AWESOME EVERYONE! YOU'RE COOL AND WORTH IT! DON'T GIVE UP ok byeeeeeeeeeee - Isabelle I want shout out to my bff kate - Sibella If ur reading this Caitlin Sophia Abigail dacqula, ur the best! - Willow hiiiiiiiii - Mahli Axolotl ❤😍 - Tessa