Sleepovers are DA BEST. But what do you do when things get a bit off track? We're here to help you with all your sleepover dramz.

OH NO! Your friend wants to watch a scary movie.

So you hate scary stuff, and your pal puts on a horror flick? First, try telling your friends you're not into scary movies. Or try persuading them to watch something else by saying something like, "That movie seems a little boring. What about Frozen? We can make up dances!" If that doesn't work, try doing something outside of the room.

Worst-case scenario: If you have to be in the room, play games on your phone so you don't have to watch the movie.

OH NO! You're homesick.

If you find yourself lying in bed missing your fam, firstly - don't feel silly! This is totally normal and not something to be ashamed of. Taking along a special toy or photo can help keep homesickness away, but if you don't have that, try reminding yourself that you'll be seeing your family in the morning. Sometimes when we get sad, we don't think clearly and forget that stuff. 

Worst-case scenario: If you really don't want to be at the sleepover anymore, it's always OK to call a parent and get them to pick you up.

OH NO! Your little bro is being the worst.

So you just wanna have fun times with your mates, but your little bro keeps running in and pulling faces, listening to your secret chats and generally being super annoying? He is probs bored and wants to be included, so letting him watch a movie with you or join in one game might get him off your back for the rest of the night.

Worst-case scenario: If he just won't quit, have a talk to your 'rents and explain that he is interrupting your party.

OH NO! You forgot your toothbrush.

Eek! You've eaten ALL THE LOLLIES and now you can't brush your teeth?! The first thing to do is ask a parent at the sleepover if they have a spare one. If they do - woohoo!

Worst-case scenario: No spares? Put some toothpaste on your finger, and rub it on your teeth like you're brushing them.

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