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Stage fright really sucks. One minute you're prepped and ready to go, the next minute you're totally terrified!

You're not alone, did you know that Zac Efron, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift have all had stage fright? All of us here at TGHQ have had bouts of stage fright before, particularly when we have to public speak!

Try these tested tricks from TGHQ to say goodbye to stage fright for good!

Jocelyn: I blow bubbles! It slows down breathing and distracts you!

Anais: I pretend the audience isn't even there!

Francesca (our fab intern): I slow down and take deep breaths.

Claire: I pretend I'm someone else: a super confident celeb maybe!

Alex: I get someone to tell me a joke to distract me.

Rabab (our other amaze intern): I take five minutes by myself to imagine I'm somewhere peaceful.