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No-Heat Beach Curls

No-Heat Beach Curls

Tousled wavy hair all year round!
Love beachy, curly hair but don't want to use hot tongs or curling irons? Try Total Girl's hair how-to for tousled, wavy hair - it's SUPER easy, doesn't damage your hair and anyone can do it!
  1. Wash and condition your hair as usual. Leave your hair loose until it's about 80% dry.
  2. Work a small amount (about the size of a $0.50 coin) of mousse through your damp hair.
  3. Use a comb to create your hair part (slightly off-centre suits most people).
  4. Divide your hair roughly in two (doesn't have to be perfect) and loosely plait in two braids (maybe ask a friend to help).
    Hair How To: Easy, Beachy Curls! Getty Images.
  5. Spray some hair spray or beach salt spray over the plaits.
  6. Wait several hours (you can even sleep overnight) for your hair to dry completely.
  7. When you're sure your hair is dry, remove the hair elastics.
  8. Flip your head upside-down and gently finger comb out the braids.
  9. While your head it still upside-down, spritz through a little extra hair spray or beach salt spray.
  10. Ta da! Gorgeous, messy, beachy waves.

Don't brush or comb the finished look - it's a one-way ticket to frizz-city!


It doesn't work
10/7/2015 4:08:50 AM
What if you don't have mouse?
25/6/2015 10:20:34 PM
How can you make curly hair not so frizzy and knotty.
14/5/2015 6:20:00 AM
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