Winter fashion is gorgeous, Autumn leaves are pretty, baby animals in Spring are adorbs, but there's nothing like sun, sand and sea in Summer!

Try these steps for beautiful beach feet! 


  1. Sand is a fabulous natural exfoliator. Next time you're at the beach, spend a couple of minutes softly rubbing wet sand all over your feet, focusing on the soles and heels (where skin sometimes gets super dry and rough).

  2. The salt in sea water acts as a gentle bleach for toenails turned a little yellow (ick!) from a year cooped up in school shoes and sneakers. Go for a walk along the water's edge, and let the salty water clean your tootsies to perfection!

  3. When you get home, rinse the salt and sand off your feet. Carefully cut your toenails (ask your 'rents for help so you don't cut yourself). The ideal toenail shape is gently squared off (this helps prevent ingrown toenails).

  4. Give each nail a quick file to prevent any jagged or sharp edges.

  5. Slather your feet and ankles in thick moisturiser or body butter and pop on a pair of cotton socks (so you don't walk off the cream on the carpet).

  6. In a couple of hours you'll have soft, gorgeous beach feet!

Slip, slop and slap every time you're out in the sun! It's easy to get sunburnt in the hot Aussie sun.

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