It’s no secret that Disney loves hiding references to other films in its movies! Have you seen the latest film Zootopia? There are HEAPS of Frozen references to be found! Did you catch these ones?


  • The voice of Princess Anna is Priscilla the sloth in the movie!


  • In one scene, Chief Bogo from the police department tells Lt. Judy Hopps to “let it go”! Just like Elsa sings!


  • There’s a pastry shop in the movie that’s called “Hans’ Pastry Shop” – who knows, maybe it’s Prince Hans from Frozen!


  • Duke Weaselton (who is actually a weasel) in the movie is voiced by the same person who voiced the Duke of Weselton in Frozen!

Duke Weselton Frozen

Plus, if our calculations are correct, according to Disney’s release schedule, Frozen 2 might be released in November 2018!


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