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Hey TGs! 

Guess what? I just spent an entire week in Bali with my family and let me tell you, it's one of the coolest places I've ever been to. Not only are the people sooo nice, the weather is always 'swimming weather' but you get to drink out of coconuts without people thinking you're a total weirdo.

The whole reason why we went to Bali was because it was my mum's birthday so we wanted to spoil her. Happy birthday Mum! I really think she had a great time too. 

We got to do the coolest things like go to the Bali Zoo where we got to pat a baby lion cub. He was so cute! We also got to hold a baby croc, I thought it would be really little and then the animal handler came out with a HUGE baby croc! I was so nervous because this big baby could have easily had my arm for lunch, luckily he didn't though! 

OMTG actually patting a lion cub? That's an adventure!

We also went on an elephant ride. That was probably my fave thing about the whole trip. 

My elephant's name was Happy and he was the cutest elephant ever!

We also went to Nusa Dua where we did loads of water sports. I went sea walking which is when they put this giant helmet on your head then you sink to the bottom of the ocean and can walk around normally as if you were on land. We fed little fish underwater and that was sooo awesome. I also went jet skiing and parasailing

Yep, that's right. 

I went parasailing, even though I'm a total chicken I was up in the air and loving it! After lunch we went to Turtle Island were we got to meet lots of cute turtles. Mum got bitten by one which was pretty scary but also really funny. Just a reminder TGs, turtles will bite, no matter how cute they are! 

We also went into a small Balinese coffee shop and got to taste lots of yummy coffee and chocolate. I met the loveliest girls, I think if they lived in Australia they would love reading TG!

Alex meets some amazing locals!

But before I left there was one thing I had to do and that's get my hair braided! It's a total right of passage for anyone that's ever been to Bali. What do you girls think? Does it suit me? 

OMTG we think Alex and her sister could be twins!

I love going on overseas adventures, what about you guys?