Freckle-faced funny lady Emma Stone stars as an adventurous cave girl in prehistoric family movie The Croods

Eep is the overprotected eldest daughter of cave man Grug (Nicolas Cage), whose safe, dull world is about to change big time! 

This is Emma's first big role in an animated movie.

You're no stranger to voice work, having worked on TV shows and video games, but this is your first big leading role in an animated feature. How did you enjoy the experience?
It was so great. There was a lipstick camera that would just be there pointing at you and you're just flat-out, going for it. They're animating the character to mimic what your face is doing, which was really interesting and by far the most fun voice work I've ever gotten to do.

How does knowing the camera's there affect your performance?
You're really playing the character, body-wise and everything. It was kind of great to get to know that whatever expression you're making is being thought about when the character's being animated, so it's more like being on actual camera than I've ever experienced in voice work.

Emma Stone in the Recording Studio
Emma Stone in the Recording Studio. 

Co-Director Kirk De Micco says you do this weird thing with your mouth, smiling while your mouth actually goes down, that he brought into the finished character.
In real life? I have no idea what I do with my face! All I know is that it's ridiculous 98 per cent of the time.

In The Croods, your character discovers what the world has to offer. What does she find?
A lot more than what's inside a cave. She falls for Guy because he's the first human being that she really encounters - there's not much choice. But he also quite literally leads her whole family into tomorrow. Once they're on their first ever road trip they discover this whole new world that they never knew existed.

I guess if you're going to bump into just one person, in the whole world it may as well be Ryan Reynolds.
Exactly. Ryan Reynolds not a bad guy to bump into. Out of all the choices in the world he's not a shabby one.

Did you get a chance to actually work with him?
I did. There was one day where we got to record together. He's such a great and sweet guy, so that was really fun to get to work together. It was the only time throughout the recording process - which was two and a half years overall - that I got to record with another actor in the room. I didn't get to record with anybody else, so it was nice to get that to come to life in the room.

Did you get to work with Nicolas Cage?
No. I've never met him. Isn't that wild? We worked on a movie together for two-and-a-half years and never even met!

What do you think the appeal of animated movies is?
Animation has expanded to such an incredible degree. Obviously with computers and the way animation has shifted, I'm sure you can make it much faster than when it was all hand-drawn, and there are a lot of opportunities to tell many different stories in a way that's unique and interesting. I love them.