I Saw Selena Gomez!!!

by Jessie | Sep 06, 2016
Hi TGs!

I know I say this every month but seriously, I have SO much to tell you. It all started with a surprise delivery in the mail. I wasn’t expecting anything, but got the shock of my life when I opened a letter addressed to me with FIVE TICKETS TO SELENA GOMEZ’S CONCERT inside. Whaaaaaat? Apparently I’d won them in a competition that I totally forgot I’d entered. Obviously I screamed, laughed, cried and danced around the house!


Choosing who to invite was easy. I knew that Catherina and Anissa were both the world’s biggest Selena fans, and that Ash was always up for anything (plus, I really wanted to introduce her to the others). Oh, and then there was mum of course!

The day before I hosted a little crafternoon at my place where the girls came over to make a cute sign to take to the gig! It said “I heart Selena” and was covered in glitter! That night we seriously couldn’t sleep.

The show was ah-maaaaaazing! Selena played all her hits (we sung along to every word) and her outfits were super cute (I think she changed three times). Even mum got up and danced!

The highlight of the show was when Selena totally noticed our sign from the stage! In between “Good For You” and “Same Old Love” she said “shout out to the girl gang with the cool sign!” Life. Made. I honestly don’t know how next month is going to top it. Until then…  


Jessie x


  1. 88 Isabelle 07 Sep
    Hi Jesse! I'm Isabelle and I love reading TG. I love horse back riding and reading. The person I would love to meet is you!
  2. 87 Victoria 12 Sep
    Hi Jessie,
    I would Love to meet you because i have never met anyone famous before and i really like you blog and the magazine and i like how you say and today's quote is blah blah blah bah.
    Anyway bye
  3. 86 Molly 13 Sep
    OMTG I love Selena Gomez! Lucky you!
  4. 85 Gemma 18 Sep
    Hi Jessie,
    I love reading your blogs. They are so interesting! I also love TG. BEST MAG EVER!
  5. 84 Mcena 20 Sep
    I love love love Selena Gomez but the most is all about Jessie💝💗💝
  6. 83 Angelina 25 Sep
    Hi Jessie, I love reading your blog, and total girl, you are so lucky to go to a Selena Gomez concert! Xxx🙂
  7. 82 Hannah 29 Sep
    Hi Jessie your so lucky. I love this mag i am a number 1 fan 
  8. 81 patricia 29 Sep
    hey Jessie, i love your blogs. they are so cool you have the best pets and the best of friends i love you xoxo
  9. 80 patricia 29 Sep
    hey jessie i love you and your blogs i also love TG its the best magazine ever 
  10. 79 Jemima 30 Sep
    Wow that sounds like so much fun , I would love to get Selina Gomez tickets. Lucky❤️ Xx
  11. 78 Sophie 01 Oct
    That is so cool! I absolutely love Selena Gomez and winning competitions you forgot you entered! It is such a nice surprise. What was your favourite part of the concert???
  12. 77 Madeleine 21 Oct
    I. Am. So. Jealous> I LOVE SELENA SOOO MUCH p.s I love your blogs
  13. 76 Ashleigh 05 Nov
    Hi Jessie i love your blogs they are amazing and I have the same birthday as selena,
    how old are you ?
  14. 75 Aman 05 Nov
    I went to the Selena show on August 13th in NZ and it was incredible! I love Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter and Selena <3
  15. 74 Lara 11 Nov
    I <3 Selena! Hope you had FUN! :)
  16. 73 Adrianna 16 Nov
    I L.O.V.E Selena too Jessie.
    You are so lucky to have won those tickets.
    I can't wait to hear Selena's songs.
    My favourite Selena Gomez song is "Who Says."
  17. 72 Jess 19 Nov
    Hope you had a great time :)
  18. 71 Bree 20 Nov
  19. 70 Summer 22 Dec
    Omg I love Selena she has the best albums and she is so pretty to!💖💖💖💖
  20. 69 Jessica 22 Dec
    You're so lucky, hope you had a great time :)


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