Jessie Faces Her Fear

by Jessie | Sep 16, 2015

Hi TGs!


So I was reading Entertainment Writer Jess’s TG blog the other day (by the way – she’s my name twin!!) and I was so inspired by her Nickelodeon 100 Things To Do Before High School challenge to face her fears. I’m not scared of much, but one thing I am a bit frightened by are sea animals. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE SWIMMING! But I don’t really love swimming with fish, or – eep! – sea snakes!


One time, when my family went on holidays to the Great Barrier Reef, I saw a real live sea snake swim underneath me and I FREAKED OUT! I was so scared guys! Dad said as long as I didn’t bother it, it wouldn’t bother me, but from that day on I was kinda afraid to go snorkeling and stuff like that.


Anyway. I told Mum about the challenge and how I wanted to try something with sea animals, and she said how about we go up the coast on the weekend, and I can swim with a dolphin? Her and Dad wanted to do a family weekend away and she said it was a great chance for me to face that fear!


So that’s what we did – me and Mum went on a special boat as part of a tour with some other people who also wanted to swim with dolphins, and our tour guide Joe taught us about the dolphins, and how when we got in the water we needed to make funny noises underneath to try and get their attention. He said we couldn't touch these dolphins, but at the end some dolphins like to come up closer to shore and those ones we could pat and get photos with.


When I got in the water I couldn’t even see the sand at the bottom! I had a special snorkel on, and I made all the noises Joe told us to make, little “eep” and “bleep” noises. Suddenly I had a bunch of dolphins swimming right underneath me! I could feel my heart pounding but after a bit I stopped being scared and could see how beautiful the dolphins were. It was AMAZING!


At the end I felt so confident, I even patted one of the shore dolphins, and Mum took a picture. She said she was so proud of me – I’m so glad I faced my fear! I’m gonna try snorkeling more now!


Til next time!


Jessie's Space


  1. 15 Saffron 27 Sep
    I'm so glad that you faced your fear Jessie! I only wish that I was brave enough to face mine.
    love Saffron.
  2. 14 Anika 30 Sep
    Hey Jessie,
    It's awesome to face your fear! I L❤️VE your blog! Great idea TG! 
                             Love Anika
  3. 13 sophie 01 Oct
     jessie ,omg  I am so jealous u r so brave love your blog so amazballs love TG! bye
  4. 12 aryrina 03 Oct
    awwwww! i love dolphins they are so cute
  5. 11 isabel 09 Oct
    I love your blog lolololololololol
  6. 10 SweetiePie 26 Oct
    OMG! You faced your fear! Congrats! I'm still scared of sharks 😬
  7. 9 Charlotte 17 Nov
    Awesome!!! I would have LOVED to swim with dolphins!! I have once swam with dolphins but I didn't pat it because I didn't want to scare it away!!! #Jealous

  8. 8 Alyssa 25 Nov
    I have swam with a dolphin too but for fun !😊
  9. 7 Britney 02 Dec
    you are so cool and t=you are nice girl so that people can toy talk was wondering that I have no friend s to talk and my family is so so so pour and to please  help me and I CAN Be MY best FRIEND. Thank-you Jessie.  
  10. 6 Surfer Girl 14 Dec
    OMTG!! I love dolphins,I saw one up close at Sea World and fell in love with it!
  11. 5 Sophie🦄 19 Aug
    GO JESSIE! Super girl! Congrats!🐬
  12. 4 april 14 May
    hey i love u and your blog
  13. 3 Dove Cameron #1 fan 18 Jun
    CONGRATULATIONS JESSIE!!!!!!!!!! (How cute are the dolphins?) 
  14. 2 Layla 17 Sep
    Hi Jessie I went to sea world for my birthday and my parents got me and my sister,Scarlett a bonus swim with the dolphins. I'm like you, afraid of sea animals sharks, eels(especially electric eels)and fish (depends on the size) but dolphins no way ho-zay. I ❤️ Them they are so kind and sweet and I did a report about them so I know sooo much about them. I ❤️ U and You're blog. 😁 
  15. 1 Paige 25 Sep
    i would love to swim with dolphins they are so cool

    i love them they are so sweet and caring and cute and sweet and caring and cute and there the only words i can say

    im proud that you faced your fear you should always face your fear because then if you like it you can do it again

    bye xoxo Paige
    p.s face your fear and believe in your dream


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