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NEW Fairly OddParents set Easter eggs! (Nickelodeon)

The cast of Fairly Odd Parents: Fairly Odder super secret Easter eggs hidden throughout the show!

Hey TGs!

We caught up with the cast of The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder. Audrey Grace Marshall, mogen Cohen, and Tyler Wladis (a.k.a Viv Turner, Zina and Roy)  to hear all about their hilar new show!

The cast spill some hidden Easter eggs you should look out for when watching the series. Plus, their fave parts of the set, and what parts of Viv's room is totes our next bedroom inspo. 🌟 

What would you wish for if you had fairy godparents in real life? Let us know in the comments below!

The Fairly Odd Parents: Fairly Odder is out now on Nickelodeon and Paramount+


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