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hey guys - penny To my BFF Lilly l loved your birthday - Athena Total girl is the best - Sarah Hi shout out to Milla, Emma and Leila - Ruby TG is the best I get a subscription for my birthday BEST MAG EEEEVVVVEEEERRRR :] - Abba Hi tg, I've been reading your books for 2 years and I really wanna get in a mag. Can u make my dream come true?? - Charlotte Hi Total girl I am in a hotel at the moment having a great girls time with my mum my sister Bowie, and myself.Live your mags. Bye! - India OMG I LOVE THE NOVEMBER ISSUE. - Alicia BE HAPPY! - Miki Hi TG! I am ur #1 fan!!!!! I am still waiting to see if i have won the Cruella Prize pack from a few issues ago! If i win it will put the biggest smile on my face. Love ya! - Mia