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TG TREASURE HUNT | April Issue 2021

TG TREASURE HUNT | April Issue 2021

Did you find the treasures hidden throughout the April mag? See here to check if you were correct!


Alicja O
I found only 3:)
24/1/2022 5:37:26 PM
I found them all please do more of those
30/8/2021 5:42:12 PM
24/8/2021 7:27:52 PM
I found them all without cheating can u do other things like this in the mag please
23/7/2021 4:32:52 PM
cookies and cream
same here it was so fun i found everything without cheating. TG you should do stuff like this more often
20/7/2021 3:59:21 PM
17/7/2021 9:32:26 AM
So great πŸ‘
29/4/2021 2:51:05 PM
Cool I found everything Did not cheat
24/4/2021 5:35:25 PM
So coolπŸ‘πŸ‘
24/4/2021 8:47:54 AM
I also want to be in the mags but how????
23/4/2021 4:58:49 PM
Yay I was right :) hows everyone doing
23/4/2021 4:57:47 PM
I love the ari mag it’s the best❀️❀️❀️❀️
14/4/2021 2:28:32 PM
Yep found everything πŸ˜€
13/4/2021 10:50:08 PM
oh y god this was so tricky i had to keep looking at the answers but i think this was really smart and good for kids 5 and older
9/4/2021 10:22:55 PM
I really want to be in the total Girl magazine I really enjoy them and I love reading them
4/4/2021 1:35:04 PM
ok, they got a little bit tricky but it took me 7 times to look through the mag until I gave up on finding the hat so I just put down page 9 because they are wearing that hat, then I looked here and went to page 13 and..... Me:nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! it was soooooooooo easy!!!!!!!!
30/3/2021 4:16:25 PM
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