Coco is a beautiful movie

by TG's Claire | Nov 27, 2017
Hey TGs, happy Monday! 

I want you to know I loved Coco. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

In Coco, music is Miguel's greatest joy - too bad his family utterly forbids it. But this hasn't stopped him from practising in secret so he can be like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. On the night of Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), Miguel accidentally finds himself in the land of the dead. To rejoin the living, Miguel must team up with a downtrodden skeleton called Hector who has more than a few secrets of his own. 

So here's what I liked about it: 

1. The music is SO much fun. Like Miguel, I love the guitar (my mum can play it, but I can't). Side note: did you know there are some ah-mazing musicians on Team TG? It's true. Laura is a singer and Aaron plays guitar. Here I am pretending I am an awesome muso.

Claire attends a screening of Coco

2. The visuals are stunning. You might imagine the land of the dead might be, er, a bit dead, but in Coco, it's lively and full of colour plus crazy characters who just might remind you of your own fam. 

3. It has a cute dog, Dante. Add one to any movie and I am THERE.

4. It's deeply emotional. I think all the grown ups around me were crying (and I was no exception). It's very happy, very sad and lots of things in between all at once. So if you go see it with your fam (and I think you'd enjoy it with them, since one of the main messages is how much your family loves you and will always be there for you, no matter what), be sure to bring a box of tissues. Just in case.

Are you going to go see Coco when it's out from Boxing Day? Do you play an instrument? Let me know in the comments!

Claire xo


  1. 7 daisybijou 19 Jan
    i don't really play an instrument but i can sing really well.
  2. 6 Alyssa 06 Mar
    I really want to see this movie 
    I have heard all the songs and they are so good which one is your Fave? My favourite is Proud Corazon, Un poco loco and remember me
  3. 5 TG's Claire 07 Mar
    Hey Daisy, what are your fave songs to sing? 

    Hey Alyssa, you should definitely see it. It won both Best Animated Movie and Best Original Song (for Remember Me) at the Oscars! How cool! I really do love Remember Me, it's my fave. I also think Everyone Knows Juanita is pretty hilar! Let me know when you see Coco and what you think!

    xo TG's Claire
  4. 4 Alyssa 07 Mar
    Hi Claire, thanks for replying that made my day! I am probably going to see Coco this weekend and I’ll definitely tell you what I think of it 
  5. 3 Alyssa 10 Mar
    Hello Claire, I saw Coco last night and it was so beautiful I cried at the ending I think this is my new favourite movie it was so amazing and emotional 
  6. 2 TG's Claire 12 Mar
    Hello Alyssa, it IS beautiful, so I'm so pleased you got to see it. All. The. Feels. I really like the Hector character, he's so sweet. I'm happy you've found such a great film to be your new fave. Which bit did you like best?
  7. 1 Alyssa 12 Mar
    Hello Claire,
    my favourite characters are Miguel,Dante and Mama Coco and my fave part was the ending with Miguel and coco singing remember me that part made me cry


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