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hi to my bffs chloe, emma, ella and bella - Lola I really want to win the Encanto prize I love the books to tho - Millie Big shout out to TG for sending me a prize as a competition winner! And big shout out to my BFF Livinia! - Paris Hi I’m Sylvie I wonder what’s in that mystery box 📦 - Sylvie Your mags ROCK! - Amy Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo - Sonja Stan Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo! - Audrey HI TG I AM YOUR NO.1 FAN LOVE YOU MAGS DO NOT STOP I ALSO LOVE HOW YOU DO THINGS WITH K ZONE MY BROTHER COLLECTS THOSE CAN YOU PLS PUT DESENDENTS ON THE NEXT MAG - Avalyn Hey TG love you guys sooo much I want to work with you so bad. Never stop making mags!! -Betty - Betty Hey guys I just want to say congratulations to the people that won and I hope your very happy and I just want to make a shout out to me, myself and I for being me and being great. Be happy stay positive and continue to stay beefy. ROAST BEEF!! - Riley
Watch the ca-ute Peter Rabbit trailer!

Watch the ca-ute Peter Rabbit trailer!

We HOP you enjoy this bunny-riffic flick
In this epic TAIL, Peter and his creature pals face off against Mr. McGregor, owner of a lush vegetable garden. It's a hairy situation as both rabbits and humans battle over the garden and set up all sorts of traps for each other, but who will prevail? Watch the trailer right here!

Peter Rabbit hops into cinemas on March 22.

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