by TG's Aaron | Aug 13, 2018

Hey TGs!

OMTG! We are sah happy to finally share with you this exclusive interview.

Laura sat down with Nickelodeon star, YouTuber, singer, and dancer JoJo Siwa. The pair had a lovely time trying out Australian snacks, playing games, and trading bow tips. You don’t want to miss it.

Sah much fun! Shout out to all the TGs that sent us questions – you’re a clever bunch. Be sure to grab a copy of our September issue to catch more deets from this interview.


  1. 15 Alyssa 13 Aug
    looks like you guys had fun! i was also wondering when the comps for this month will be available to enter?
  2. 14 Mary 13 Aug
    YAY! This is so exciting! What's your favourite Jojo Siwa song Aaron?
  3. 13 TG's Aaron 13 Aug
    Hey Mary,

    I would have to say her latest song 'High Top Shoes' coz it's a great song and the video is hilar!
  4. 12 TG's Aaron 13 Aug
    Yo Alyssa!

    These are now up and ready to go :) Good luck!
  5. 11 Alyssa 14 Aug
    hello Aaron!
    i was wondering if jojo's guide to making your own fun is an activity book or a reading book?
    and is this a new book coming out as i havent heard of it before only when entering the comp
  6. 10 Alyssa 16 Aug
    Is there a video where you asked JoJo the questions that are featured in the mag? i would love to see it 
  7. 9 TG's Aaron 16 Aug
    Hi Alyssa,

    I am not 100%. If you have questions about the comps prizes you can email :) sorry I can't be of help with that one.

    As for the video, the questions are in the mag only. We had sah much footage to put together and couldn't fit everything in.

  8. 8 Isabel 17 Aug
    Hi Aaron. 
    It is really cool she came to Australia! 
  9. 7 Tay-Tay 10 Sep
    Hey Hey Hey!

    It looks like you had a lot of fun!
  10. 6 Hanna 23 Nov
    OMTG I LOOOVVVEE JOJO SIWA!!!!!!!! She is the best at dancing, singing and making me laugh I wish I could meet her!
  11. 5 Paige 10 Dec
    OMG JOJO?! LUCKY TG! Are excited for Christmas? I AM SAH MUCH! PS.I once saved up my pocket money just to get a TG mag I have got only 3 total girl mags but still I love u have. my posters on the wall SAH cute! Paige
  12. 4 TG's Claire 11 Dec
    Hey @ Tay-Tay - the gang sure did!

    Hey @ Hanna - we ALSO love her and meeting her was a real highlight of the year for Team TG!

    Hey @ Paige - we are VERY excited for Christmas and we hope Santa is good to us (and to you and all the awesome TGs). It's great you love our posters - we've got loads of cool ones on the way. 

    xo Claire
  13. 3 Clara 21 Feb
    Hi Aaron,
    Just wondering if you have ever wore a JoJo bow??? That would be super funny! Lol! Keep up the awesome mags! You are the best!
  14. 2 Jayden 24 Feb
    Hey Aaron!!! How do you make a blog??? I should have asked you sooner!!!!?? But i've been wondering for a long time!!! AND YES!! "High top shoes" IS AMAZING!! I also like "Kid in the candy store" "Boomerang" "Kids" I like em all!!!! But yeah! PLEASE let me know how you make a blog on here!!!!! I would love to know!!! 

                               -a.k.a-                                                              -"Sincerely Jayden"-
  15. 1 TG's Aaron 25 Feb
    Hi Clara,

    I have no worn one before – it kinda doesn't work with short hair. LOL! It would look super funny on me. Hmmm, you have planted an idea in my head now... Stay tuned!

    Yo Jayden,

    That's a great question! Anyone can start a blog. There is plenty of online apps that can get you started and a lot are free! Apps like Wordpress, Wix or any of them many apps out there can help you build your own blog and are relatively easy to use. The best way to learn is to just dive on in and give it a go. Just make sure you speak with a parent before downloading or installing anything. It's always best to keep them in the loop. Plus, if you get stuck with anything, having an adult around can be a quick way to problem solve!
    Good luck with the blogging!!!


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