One Direction or Justin Bieber?

by Jess | Nov 20, 2015

Hey guys, it’s your pal Jess here!


I hope you’re all having an amazing week! So… I thought I‘d chat to you all, coz I’m in a bit of dilemma…. You see, One Direction and Justin Bieber have released their album – ON THE SAME DAY!


I know, I know… toughest decision ever, right? Like, do I buy Justin’s Purpose or 1D’s Made in the A.M.?!


 Justin Bieber Purpose    One Direction Made In The A.M.  

I mean – I totes love JB’s ‘Sorry’ and ‘What Do U Mean’ – and I was even lucky enough to fly down to Melbourne a few weeks ago to watch him play live on the World Famous Rooftop, which just made me even more of a Belieber (I know- best job ever, right?!)

Justin Bieber live



I also LOVE 'Drag Me Down' by the One Direction boys (even though I’m still raw with the pain of Zayn leaving the band… *sob*)


Lucky enough for me, I received both in the mail at TGHQ (another amazing perk of being entertainment guru) and let me tell you – they’re both AH-MAZING!


So basically, the point of my rant is that I STILL can’t even decide which album I like better!


What do you guys think? Are you a Belieber or a Directioner – OR are you like me and equal parts both?! Have you guys listened to Purpose or Made in the AM yet? Let me know in the comments below – I’m DYING to know what you guys think of both!


Speak soon! 

Jess x


  1. 19 Lovato 20 Nov
    I LOOOVE SORRY It's perf for a party! But I'm SO not a Bieberer! So... you should pick Made In the A.M!
  2. 18 Chiara 20 Nov
    You should totes go for JB coz Zayn Neglected 1D and it will bring back the pain listening to music without Zayn in it.
  3. 17 Jess 23 Nov
    Hey Lovato! I totes agree that Sorry is an awesome song for a party - it's super catchy! Yeah, Made in the A.M. is a great album!
  4. 16 Jess 23 Nov
    Hey Chiara!
    It's defs sad that Zayn isn't in 1D anymore! But on the plus side I'm so excited to hear his solo album! Are you?
  5. 15 Abi 24 Nov
    1d all they way but justin's sorry is pretty cool!I totally know what you meam they are both super awesome!
    But i would have to go with 1D and buy both albums! BTW entertainment blog is my fav thanks for making TG awesome!
  6. 14 Chloe 24 Nov
    I TOTALLY think u should get 1D's album!Why?Well,'coz I'm a total Directioner!LOL!
  7. 13 Jess 25 Nov
    Hey Abi! I agree, 'Sorry' is an awesome song! LOL I should totes buy both; it's just too hard to decide. I'm sooo glad you like it! Stay tuned for more :) Jess x
  8. 12 Jess 25 Nov
    Hey Chloe! LOL, love it! I'm defs a Directioner too! Jess x
  9. 11 Sophie 28 Nov
    I am more of a swiftie.. I am going to the concert! But i would mostly say 1D
  10. 10 Jess 02 Dec
    Hey Sophie! OMTG - I am soooo jel! Was it amazing? You should check out the latest blog post in my section, our sub editor Maria went to see her too and said it was the best thing ever!
  11. 9 Lovato 02 Dec
    I change my mind; you should buy both albums! I just had a listen to JB's Purpose and I realised that he wasn't so cray cray after all,-he'd found his purpose.
  12. 8 Natalie 14 Dec
    I don't like any of them.
  13. 7 Bananamagic 24 Dec
    If i had to choose i would choose 1D
  14. 6 Soul Surfer 10 Jan
    No offense 1D, but i'm defs a belieber (even though i'm more into 5SOS).
  15. 5 Hannah 25 Jan
    LOL Lovato, i agree with you! I still think he's a BIT cray cray coz he went into jail for drink driving.. but his songs are actually really good! I'd say buy both as well. I like JB's songs, i just don't like JB himself..
  16. 4 Anwen 03 Mar
    I am definitely a belieber... I bought his album the other day and it is THE BEST!! Way better than what he used to be! My favs are Sorry, What do you mean, Company and Where are ü now? Although I do like to rock out to Perfect and Drag me down. By the way Zayn lovers, he is now an individual although his song is explicit.
    I love you TG and thanks Jess for the entertainment! As soon as I'm old enough, I want to work at TG!
  17. 3 HARRIET 29 Jun
  18. 2 chell 22 Jul
    SORRY,WHAT DO U justin total girl.
  19. 1 The Sky is here 24 May
    OMG! I love his song Sorry, but I am neither a Beliber or Directioner. I am ME! But I prefer justin since I listen to his music more than that other band.
    Go Justin!


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