We Miss Taylor!

by Alex | Jan 07, 2014
Hey TGs,

It's been a few days since Taylor left Australia and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I miss her already! For those of you that don't know, there's a funny story about how I came to find Taylor Swift's music.

Taylor Swift's Red Tour

Years ago my best friend Steph called me out of the blue and told me to drop everything and Google 'Taylor Swift'. I immediately came across her first single Love Story and was blown away! Steph has since that moment proclaimed to one and all, that she was the one to discover Taylor Swift. But after all that who would have thought that soooo many years later I would be working at TG and get the incredible opportunity to go to a Taylor Swift concert.

Taylor Swift's Red Tour

Yep it actually happened guys, me and 39,999 people got to experience the MAGIC that was Taylor Swift's RED Tour. Let me tell you TGs, this was no ordinary concert, this truely was the show of a lifetime! There were dancers, amazing costume changes, incredible sets and background and even fireworks!

But aside from the glitz and glamour, there was Taylor, an incredibly beautiful and talented girl that was sooo excited to share her music with her Aussie fans. Not only did she sing all the best songs (Red, Mean and I Knew You Were Trouble were my faves) she also went on to explain the inspiration behind the songs. She told us about how she wasn't always popular and girls were mean to her and you know what? It really made me feel like she was having a deep and meaningful conversation with me. At one point it looked like she was tearing up a little. CUTE!

Overall it was totally amazing! So now, I'm going to continue to play T-Swizzle songs whether anyone likes it or not haha!

Did any of you guys get to go to the concert?



  1. 9 TG 18 Dec
    Sooo lucky I don't live in Australia sadly
  2. 8 Lucia 08 Jan
    I went to the concert!!! It was AMAZING! I totally agree with you!!!!!
  3. 7 Nicola 08 Jan
    I went to her concert in Melbourne with three of my friends and their mums and my mum. It was my first concert! I loved it! I miss her too! :( Taylor swift plz come back to Australia!
  4. 6 Charlotte 12 Jan
    Hi I love Taylor Swift so much and the concert was amazing. I went to the one in Auckland and I got to meet her at the meet and greets it was so amazing and she is so lovely. P.S. I love TG
  5. 5 Chloe 13 Jan
    Yes, I was lucky and I got to go :) I went last year as well and guess what ??! I touched Taylor swift. OMTG so cool. 
  6. 4 Chloeb 17 Jan
    I want to go to Taylor swifts consent one day
  7. 3 Peyton 20 Jan
    No but I got to go to justin biebers concert😀😝
  8. 2 Megan 27 Jan
    I totes heart Taylor and I didn't get to go to the concert! I hope it was great!
  9. 1 Megan 27 Jan
    I totes heart Taylor and I didn't get to go to the concert! I hope it was great!


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