Did you find out your mood ring in October Total Girl, but wonder what it meant? Wonder no more!

Find out your mood ring colour and what it says about you:

 Star Sign Mood Ring What it means for you! 
 Libra Peach  You're bubbly, bright and athletic. People often think you glow with health and enthusiasm!

 Scorpio Warm caramel  You're warm and wise. You thrive in cooler seasons, surrounded by friends and family.

 Sagittarius Green You're calm and natural. People are drawn to your soothing personality - you're rarely a drama queen.

 Capricorn Maroon You love, love! Your friends, family and pets are super important to you, and you always make them feel appreciated. 

 Aquarius Violet You're calm and sometimes quiet, leading people to think you have a mysterious air. At the same time you love fun!
 Pisces Lemon yellow Your sunny personality shines in everything you do. You're full of energy and postivity - you always cheer up your BFFs. 

 Aries Burgundy    You're sophisticated, strong and gutsy - people look up to you. When you set your mind to something, you usually succeed!

 Taurus Jet black   You're confident, trendy and strong - people rely on you as you always seem so capable.  

 Gemini Turquoise   You're a fun balance of optimism, energy and serenity. You're adaptable and easy to please.

 Cancer Misty aqua You're fresh, summery, creative and fun, and some people think you're mysterious too.

 Leo White You're straightforward, fresh and fun. You don't over-complicate things and people appreciate your direct demeanour.

 Virgo Rosy pink You're caring, sensitive and in tune with your besties' feeling all the time. You're a great listener, too!