Poor Zendaya! Even though she’s an amazing and cool actress, some people still say nasty things to her on the internet. Online bullying (actually, ALL bullying) is horrible, and we hope it never happens to you but if it does, here is some advice from Zendaya on how to handle it.
Chatting to Alli Simpson on the Alli Simpson Show, Zendaya said the easiest thing to do is ignore it. She said: “Those are strangers, virtually that know nothing about you. You’re probably never gonna meet them in your life, so you can’t let that stuff affect you and let it hurt you. And another thing is, you have the control. Turn it off. If you don’t want to see something, if you don’t want to be involved, delete it.”
You go girl! But remember: if bullying ever gets out of hand, go tell your 'rents right away!