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Wednesday Weeks Quest (SPOILER ANSWERS): Which path did you take?

Wednesday Weeks Quest (SPOILER ANSWERS): Which path did you take?


Hey TGs!Β Β 

Wednesday Weeks needed our help. Her Grandpa was kidnapped (or Grandpa-napped, LOL!) by a power-hungry goblin king! But only one path is correct. ⭐️

Here is the solution for the Wednesday Weeks maze on page 28 in the August mag! Check your answer below.

Only one path is correct, did you chose the one, true path? ✨

For more fun puzzles, pick up a copy of the new mag!Β The August issue of Total Girl magazine is out now and comes with a FREE DIY Unicorn Squishy.Β Click here for a sneak peek!Β 



I got it right YAAY
5/10/2021 9:42:42 AM
30/8/2021 2:53:58 PM
29/8/2021 2:54:28 PM
Olivia and jorja and Matilda and April C
9/8/2021 12:33:56 PM
so cool
17/7/2021 9:33:33 AM
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