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Total Girl's Gone Troppo!

Total Girl's Gone Troppo!

Sneak a preview at our March photo shoot!
Isn't mother nature totes amaze TGs? We just love all the colours in the rainbow, so we always have lots of fun when we get to dress our models big and bright!
This month it's all about the animal kingdom, so went on a Tropical Escape and got up close and personal with parrots and lots of flowers!

Tropical Fashion Total Girl

You've GOT to check it out for yourself! See more tropical trends in the March issue of Total Girl, featuring Selena Gomez as our cover girl!


This is sooo pretty love the florals
14/12/2015 9:01:57 AM
Love the flower headband an the pink roses
26/11/2015 8:44:30 AM
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Supergirl warrior, Mulan
Sea princess, Ariel
Flying Tinkerbell
Rapunzel with her super long hair