We know how much you guys LOVE Shopkins – and so. Do. We. Wanna know how well you know 'em? See if you can match our super secret info with the Shopkin it belongs to and then test your besties to see who's the Shopkin Champ!

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The secrets

A)   “I come across as being cold, but I’m just a little chilli.”

B)   “My BFF is Sour Lemon.”

C)   “My friends think I’m a little corny.”

D)   “I’m a bit of a chatterbox.”

E)    “I’m a little bit crackers.”

F)    “I’m a fashion risk-taker.”

G)   “I’m a bit of a headache at times!”

H)   “I can be a little impatient.”

I)     “I always have my head in the clouds.”


The Shopkins

Shopkins combined image

From left to right: Bread Head, Chee Zee, Zappy Microwave, Ice Cream Dream, Mary Meringue, Juicy Orange, Silly Chilli, Polly Polish.

Don't forget to let us know how you go in the comments below!

TG's Claire x




A) Silly Chilli

B) Juicy Orange

C) Corny Cob

D) Bread Head

E) Chee Zee

F) Polly Polish

G) Ice Cream Dream

H) Zappy Microwave

I) Mary Meringue