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I love TG. I read them all the time and can never stop reading them. Never stop making your mags. - Annie Hi TG, My name is Cilla,I am 9 years old and I love your work. Can you please tell me how you got all those amazing ideas?❤ Cilla - Cilla You guys are awesome ,loooooove your mags never stop making them Joslyn - Joslyn I love you guys! - Abby Hiii just saying my mum and my nana are the best :) - EllaRose Loooooooooooooooooove your mags! - Joslyn hi total girl l have read you mags for as long as l can remember now and l would love to see more total embracing :) - peppa omg what do i do ive lost my mag with me in omtg!!!!! - Sophie I love total girl - Jamie l love your mags there the best obviously and a big shout out to my friends - peppa