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Messy Manicure Fix

Messy Manicure Fix

How to neaten gnarly nailpolish

Made a manicure mistake? Not to worry - follow this simple tip to clean up nail edges, without taking off any polish on your nail.

Simply take a wooden cuticle stick and wrap its tip in cotton wool. Dip this tool into a little bit of nail polish remover and gently use it to clean up the bits of polish that have strayed onto your skin.

Perfect Manicure Tips: Use cuticle sticks to clean the edges of your nails. Getty Images.

There you go –there’s no need to pick at the dried bits later!


7/3/2016 7:29:02 AM
This tip is AMAZE
26/7/2015 12:22:14 AM
This tip is AMAZE
26/7/2015 12:22:14 AM
Bella's nails look so pretty and neat!!! ; )
20/7/2015 8:41:31 AM
that is such a good idea!
22/5/2015 9:54:15 AM
Wow cool I love Bella Thorne! :)
26/1/2015 1:37:20 AM
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