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Kids Choice Awards Sports Nominee!

Kids Choice Awards Sports Nominee!

We spoke to Caitlin from The Diamonds!

We spoke to Caitlin Bassett who plays for The Diamonds - the Australian national netball team! The Diamonds are up for a nomination for Best Sports Team at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards!
TG: Caitlin, you recently won the Liz Ellis Diamond of netballer of the year! Congrats! How did you get started as a professional netballer?

C: I started playing netball at school when I was 11. The first club I played for was Illawarra Sparks – we played on Saturdays.

My first real taste of competitive netball was when I represented my school at the State Schoolgirls Netball Championship in Brisbane. State Schoolgirls was the first year I got to play against people from other states. I remember being really excited. I loved being part of the team and travelling with the team. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to be a professional netballer and get paid to play the sport I loved.

TG: Tell us what your day’s are normally like as a pro?

– Wake up to go to training

- Training with West Coast Fever. I get there early to strap my ankles and put up practice shots.

– I’ll go to class at uni

– Snack at home. I usually play with my puppy Chino or bunnies Lemoncurd, Espresso, Cupcake and Crumpet.

– Back to training. This time it’s weights in the gym.

– Home for dinner and to spend time with my boyfriend, then it’s an early night to do it all again the next day.

TG: How does your team (The Diamonds) prepare for a match?

On game day we try to sleep in. We get up about 8am and have breakfast as a team. In the morning we’ll go down to the venue and the shooters will put some practice shooting and mid-courters and defenders pass a ball around. It’s a chance for us to familiarise ourselves with the venue and get rid of any nerves.

We go back to the hotel and have an early lunch as a team, and then it’s time for feet up and a nap. After we’ve rested, we’ll go for a walk and a coffee.

A few hours before the game, we’ll start to get ready and put on our green and gold. We have a team meeting then go straight to the game.

TG: If you could slime any celebrity who would it be?

Either Kylie or Kendall Jenner!

TG: What would it mean to you to win a Kid’s Choice Award?

To be recognised by our fans would be something special. We are up against some incredible sports teams, so to win a Kids’ Choice Award would be really awesome.

Who would you be star struck by if you went to the awards show?

C: Justin Bieber!

Don't forget to tune into the Kids Choice Awards LIVE this Sunday March 13 at 11am!


Can you pls interview Kira Austin she is awesome!
7/9/2021 7:45:19 PM
OMG! I love the Diamonds!!!!!! I play GS and GA
6/8/2021 1:32:56 PM
I love the Diamonds, and netball! I also play GS or GA!
11/4/2016 1:04:00 AM
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