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heyyyyyyyyy can u do a mag with ariana grande lol eeee.eeeee - Eva KPOP GROUP TOMORROW X TOGETHER ARE RELEASING A NEW ALBUM ON AUGUST 17! Shoutout to txt! So excited! - Isabelle I WANT TO WIN - remy hi TG! I LOVEEEE ALL OF UR MAGS, I just with that you could make a mag about ariana grande again xoxooxoxox - Eva hey yall i love ya - Eva How do you sent a photo of the squishy - Ganitha Hi there Tg team! My name is Starly Iā€™m from south Australia and my favourite thing to do is go paddle boarding with my sister and my mum,I love your mags they are so cool!i would love it if I could Be in your next magazine!i asked my mum if I could get a magazine from Coles and she said yes and it inspired me to get one,I have two now! From your biggest fan,Starly! - Starly I like totally embarrassing and I've been reading Total Girl from this past Easter. - Christina Shout out to my friend finn - REMY šŸ˜ˆ - Emily
Introducing... Throwback Thursdays

Introducing... Throwback Thursdays

Total Girl's funniest photos from the past!
Do you remember when... the Total Girl team met Debby Ryan?
Debby has been our cover star sooo many times (because she's truly fab), so when she visited Australia, we couldn't wait to catch up!
Debby agreed to appear in a Total Girl photo shoot, and after the last scene, we couldn't help but join here on the super-sweet set!

Photo: Debby Ryan and the Total Girl magazine team.
Hanging out with the amaze Debby Ryan back in 2012! She really is as sweet as bubblegum!

Come back soon Debby!

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