Second-hand shopping is an awesome way to score fantastic goodies at a bargain price and also support a good cause. Here are our tips to get the best bargains and score one-of-a-kind finds!

  1. Try it on! Thrift stores often have a range of different sizes as the clothes come from everywhere, so it might not be a standard fit. Jump into the change room before you buy anything!
  2. Bring along your BFFs for a second opinion. Thrift shops have tons of vintage and one of a kind finds but it can be hard to sort through the piles of stock, it’s definitely a team sport!
  3. Don’t forget to look in the other sections! Second-hand shops often have awesome homewares and book sections, and are generally super, super cheap. Perfect for a bedroom makeover!
  4. Customise. You can find great craft supplies in vintage shops. Get creative with your finds and you will soon have unique and beautiful pieces!
  5. Give back! Ask your Mum or Dad if you can donate some of your old clothes, toys or books to a charity shop. That way you are giving someone else the opportunity to score an awesome, unique bargain!