How to cleanse your skin! Photo: Getty Images

Washing your face is just like washing your hair - you can just whack some cleanser on and rinse off, or you can follow a few extra steps for a super clean face!

  1. Choose the correct cleanser. Cleansing gels are good for oily skin, cleansing creams are good for dry skin and cleansing milk is good for sensitive, in-between skin. Ask your mum - often you will share the same skin type!

  2. Wet hands - dry face. Resist the urge to wet your face before applying cleanser. Instead, wet your hands, squeeze a 10 cent size portion of cleanser onto your fingers and apply to your dry face. This way, your cleanser isn't diluted by the water on your fingers and your face.

  3. Circular motion. Gently massage the cleanser over your face in small circular motions with your fingers. This will dislodge any dirt and pollution from your pores.

    Avoid the eye area! Eyes are super sensitive and most of the time just rinsing this area with water afterwards will be enough.

  4. Rinse with cold water. Cold water will calm red skin down, and close your pores against bacteria. Splash cold water on your face or use a wet face washer to remove all the cleanser. Repeat, to ensure all the cleanser has been removed.

  5. Moisturise. If you have dry skin (i.e. it feels a little tight and scratchy after cleansing) gently pat some moisturiser over the dry areas. 

Ta da! Lovely, clean, before-bed skin.