We love winter fashion!

Rugging up in your fave coat, throwing on a gorgeous scarf and finishing the look with a pastel beanie is tres chic, and tres warm.

Here are a few of our fave looks:

Winter fashion: white beanie. Photo: Getty Images
A white scarf and beanie will go with everything! Just don't drop them in the snow, you might lose them!

Winter fashion: pink beanie. Photo: Getty Images
Pink is a TG fave. We love the pretty knitted pattern on the beanie.

Winter fashion: striped  beanie. Photo: Getty Images
If your beanie has a few colours in it, use one or two of those colours in the rest of your outfit, like the purple gloves here.

Winter fashion: purple beanie. Photo: Getty Images
Have light-coloured eyes? Blues and purples can really bring out the colour of your baby-blues!