Thanks for your fabulous stories TGs!

This callout is now complete.

Look out for your story in upcoming issues of Total Girl magazine!

Hey TGs, want to be in the mag?! 

We're looking for girls to spill their story about a time everything went right

Maybe you were bullied but you found a way to turn around your classmates' bad behaviour? Maybe you were super shy but found a way to make friends? Maybe you moved interstate and found adjusting sooo difficult but now you're the happiest you've ever been! Maybe you had poor grades but worked hard until you were top of the class! We want to know - what's your 'happily ever after'

Lots of you have written into TG to the Rescue with your stories of the times you've had trouble and we would love to hear about how you made it back to the otherside - from Troubletown to Happyville. So come on, spill!

XOXO team TG