At TGHQ, we are so excited about the Season 2 Shopkins that come with the March issue of TG! So some of the TG team took the Season 2 Shopkins quiz and here’s who they got…

Shopkins Season 2 quiz

Malloree – “I got Juicy Orange, LOL! I think this is totally right because I’m always out to have a bit of a laugh with my BFFs and never want to see them upset!”


Laura – “I got Toasty Pop which is pretty spot on ‘cause I love breakfast food!”

 - “OMTG! I did the quiz on our TG website and I’m Poppy Corn, which is perfect really, ‘cause I LOVE movies and I LOVE my friends! Oh and I’m super happy most of the time, so I feel like Poppy Corn and I are almost the. Same. Person.”

Have you taken the Shopkins Season 2 quiz yet? Try it out here!