Birthday surprise

1. Secret BFF Birthday Surprise

Your BFF is celebrating her birthday soon, and her parents have asked you to round up all your friends. They also want your help organising the surprise party, because you know her so well! It’s a super huge secret but you can’t wait to see her reaction when she walks into the party - she still has no idea!


Psst! The Total Girl Popstar Party album is on sale now and would totes make an awesome playlist for a surprise birthday party!


2. Secret Pet Present

Your parents have finally decided to get a pet, and they’ve decided to tell you so you can help with the surprise! You have to keep it a secret from your siblings but it’s totally fine because OMTG you’re getting a puppy! Or a kitten! Maybe both? Cutest secret ever!


3. Special Ticket Secret

Your BFF is totes disappointed that all the tickets to Katy Perry’s next concert have sold out – she’s a huge fan. She doesn’t know that you actually managed to get two VIP tickets in time and you’re both going to meet Katy! You’re keeping it a secret so you can surprise your bestie on the day – it’s going to be so awesome!


4. Secret DIY Skills

You’ve been reading Total Girl and secretly completing DIY projects for a while. You’re planning on giving your room a makeover and totes surprising your family with your awesome craft skills! It’s a great secret to keep because you’re having fun making cute stuff!