Wanna help out the environment and do your best for Mother Nature? Here’s our fave five things you can do to make a diff. Give them a try…


  1. Get outside! Run, jump, play. It’s a totes easy way to become besties with the earth (and enjoy some sunshine while you’re at it!).


  2. Take shorter showers. Get a small, waterproof clock that can time you in the shower, so you know when you’ve been in there for 4-5 minutes and try to stick to it. Even try to beat the alarm!


  3. Plant a tree. Make a day of it with your family and each plant a tree and have a picnic afterwards. It can even be in your back or front yard!


  4. If it’s OK with your rents, ride your bike to school. This is waaayyyy better than driving and your BFF might even join you!


  5. Recycle at home and at school. Start a recycle program at your school where you can get involved and have fun. 

– Ainsley Sereno