OMTG we can't believe that winter is finally over! All those freezing morning, scratchy tights and chapped lips are now a thing of the past.

Bring on the warm weather, weekends at the beach, gorgeous spring flowers and the chirping baby birds in the trees! Only a few more weeks until summer uniforms, summer sport and eventually, summer holidays!

TG's Fave Things About Spring
  1. Leaves and blossoms are growing on the trees
  2. The bathroom floor is no longer freezing (some days we didn't want to get out of the shower!)
  3. The warm spring breeze
  4. Light evenings (the sun goes down waaay later)
  5. The idea that beautiful baby animals are being born all over Australia & NZ!
What's your fave thing about Spring, TGs?

September Total Girl is our Spring issue! Look for our gorgeous floral cover with Debby Ryan at supermarkets and newsagents.