Turn up the volume TGs and get a sneak peek at the songs from the new Disney Channel movie, Descendants!

Descendants is all about the sons and daughters of Disney’s villains! There are SO many cool songs in the movie and we scored a secret listen to the soundtrack! Here’s the lowdown: 

“Rotten To The Core


This tune is all about how the villain's kids (VKs) totes love being evil! Plus, it's super fun to dance along to.


“Evil Like Me


It’s really interesting to listen to this song because it’s a conversation between Mal and her mum Maleficent – Maleficent’s voice is amazing, too!


“Did I Mention


Prince Ben bops out the beats in this song, so get ready to clap and sing along!


“If Only


Mal’s trying to decide whether to be evil or not, so what better way to nut it out than by singing about it?


“Be Our Guest


This is a really fun version of the original song from Beauty and the Beast – there’s even beatboxing!


“Set It Off


It’s a really cool finale piece, and gets everyone from the cast involved!




The whistling makes this song really catchy, and it makes you feel unstoppable!


“The Night Is Young


Grab all your BFFs and dance together to this one. It’s amaze.


“Good Is The New Bad


This song is all about the VKs finding out how fun being good can be! 


“I’m Your Girl


This song is super fun to sing along to.

Descendants Soundtrack

TG’s top picks:


1. “Believe”


2. “Rotten To The Core”


3. “Evil Like Me”


4. “Be Our Guest”


5. “Did I Mention”