In no particular order, check out these awesome kids school holiday activities around Australia!


1. Visit a Zoo or Aquarium – Australia Wide

Zoos are already a blast, but with school holiday activities, they’re even more wild! Check out Taronga Zoo, Dubbo Zoo, The National Zoo and Aquarium and many more!


2. Visit Floriade – ACT

The nation’s capital puts on its annual spring flower festival and it’s guaranteed to be a blast and super family friendly with live music, comedy, arts and crafts and lots of other activities!


3. Go On A Steam Train Ride – Australia Wide

Step back in time and experience an old steam train ride through some great scenery! Try the Railway Museum (SA), Heritage Express (NSW), Steamrail Victoria (VIC) and loads more!


4. Discover And Learn At A Museum – Australia Wide

Most major museums have school holiday programs on at the moment, but be sure to check out The Powerhouse Museum (NSW), The National Museum of Australia (ACT), Melbourne Museum (VIC) and Queensland Museum (QLD) for lots of fun activities.


5. Go On A Road Trip – Australia Wide

Most of Australia is going to be super sunny this October long weekend, so why not hit the beach?


6. Go Explore An Adventure Playground! – Australia Wide

It’s fun, and it’s free! There are adventure playgrounds all over Australia, but there are some great ones in Darling Harbour (Sydney), Kambah (Canberra), and St Kilda (Melbourne)


7. Visit Madame Tussauds - NSW

Take heaps of photos with wax sculptures and pretend you met all the stars! They’re super realistic and it’s loads of fun – plus you can get tickets for kids for under $20 online!


8. Go to the IMAX theatre! – NSW, VIC, WA

Experience the cinema to the extreme! You can become part of the action in this awesome movie experience. And the best thing? You can go whenever you want!


9. Circa’s Carnival of the Animals – VIC

Watch acrobats fly in this fusion of circus, animation and music that will tell you stories of creatures great and small. It’s running until October 4 – check out the VIC arts centre website for more info and other events.


10. Australian Movie & Comic EXPO – VIC

So it’s technically not in the school holidays, but great for a weekend out! From 17-18 October, lose yourself in the sights and sounds of the movie and comic worlds! There are cool guests from Doctor Who, The Simpsons and Back to the Future so get amongst it! Plus, tickets are only $12 for kids.