HAIM are a cool band of sisters from California in the US who play pop rock music! They're also BFFs with Taylor Swift!

Who are they?

  • Alana Haim
  • Este Haim
  • Danielle Haim

Why are they stars?
  • They've been playing together as a band for about 8 years but they first broke through as a well-known band in about 2012.
  • They released their first full album, Days Are Gone, in 2013.

​Why we love them...
  • They used to be in a band with their parents called Rockinhaim.
  • All three sisters are super talented - they can all play more than one instrument! Este plays guitar and bass, Alana plays keyboards and percussion, and Danielle plays guitar and drums.
  • Este is known for making really funny faces when she performs.

A wacky fact...

A lot of people think "Haim" is pronounced like "Hey-im" but it's actually pronounced "High-im".