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N ver stop making these I have 12of the mags Sophia - sophia Hi Total Girl, Your mag's are amazing! I started collecting them this year! I have been so grateful for your mag! Tell the team I say hi! - Japhar- - Japhar Stan kpop ok bye - Issy I looovve Total Girl! - Elly 👁❤TG! - Courtney I love TG magazines! So cool -Madi - Madi I am a big fan of your mag as well as my friend Lily we both read it.. Very interesting. 💓 The magic mix it would be ssooo good to win.. 💕💕💕 - Athena I was on a field trip for school and my crush got my hair brush and my water bottle and threw so it was almost at the front because we were at the back and then like 1 min later he started blushing bright red it was so funny and embarrassing because everyone saw my water bottle and hair brush go down the bus lol - Liv TG love the mag and all the ideas of what I can do. Awesome .. - Athena Love your mags TG - Mackenzie

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