If you've picked up your copy of June's Total Girl, you'll have seen Alex and Claire's adventures on skates with cast members from Disney on Ice

We had Lauren Anderson, who plays Snow White, and ensemble cast member Lina Ramirez, take our questions.

Lauren has been skating since she was seven years old!

Do you do anything special to think like Snow White? Maybe you eat apples?
Only the green ones, though!

Is your prince very dashing?
Oh he is very dashing, very charming. I enjoy skating with him. I feel very privileged. We have a great time out there and really portray the story.

What are some of the more amazing things you can do on ice?
I love spinning, I love doing lay-back spins and different combination spins. I enjoy jumping and learning different steps.

For your job, you get to be a princess. Was that your dream?
It was definitely my dream growing up. I have always wanted to skate and to get to portray this role is a wish come true.

Lina is in her third year of skating with Disney on Ice. 

What's the coolest thing about skating?

You become fearless, you do things you've never done before that most people don't get to try. You grow and learn so much from that.

Do you still fall over?
We've all had some interesting spills. You recover and learn to laugh it off. It builds your character.

How do you beat the fear factor?
Just with repetition - doing it over and over.

What do you get to do in the show?
I'm an ensemble cast member so I help bring the magic to life in the group numbers and support the princes and princesses as they make everyone's dream come true.