OMTG, 1D has finally landed in Oz and we’re all counting down to see their concerts! Here are some totally rad tips to help you prepare for the show.

1D Concert Outfit
Wear something that is comfortable. Jeans, Vans and a 1D tee are perf! Closed shoes are a must - peeps might tread on your toes during the show. If you don’t have a 1D tee then simply make your own… a plain white T-shirt and permanent marker will do the trick. 

1D Autographs
You might get the opportunity to ask the boys for their autographs, so make sure that you’re totally prepared! Take a permanent marker with you and something simple to get signed… a t-shirt or small notepad is perfect. Have the camera ready too because you might be able to score a cute pic with one of the boys! Now that would be awesome! 

1D Posters and Signs
The boys love their fans… especially when they make posters! Be creative and make something that will completely stand out from the rest. Glitter, bright colours and photos are some key materials to the perfect poster! Just be careful you don’t block anyone’s view with your beautiful masterpiece… they want to see the show too!

UPDATE: Make sure your poster is made out of fabric, not cardboard. The security staff at some of the concerts has been taking cardboard posters away.

Soothers and Water
One Direction concerts are a squee-fest from the opening note until the last drum beat! You might need some throat lozengers and a bottle of water for the ride home after singing your heart out all night!

So there we have it lovely TGs, you are now ready to totally rock with Harry and the boys. Have an amazing time and enjoy belting out all our fave 1D hits!