If you’re here you’ve read our ah-maze Sleepover Games Guide in the April issue -   pretty cool, huh? Read on for more cool ways to have fun at your sleepover.


Switch off the lights and let the chosen sardine hide. The remaining players must count to 50, then head off to find her. If you find the sardine, join her in her hiding place. The last one to find that hiding place is the next sardine.

Toss and Talk:

Write questions with permanent marker on a large, inflatable ball such as a beachball. Your questions can be things like ‘what’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?’; “What is your favourite colour?”; “what are three words that describe you?” and so on. Sit your friends in a circle and toss the ball to someone – the question closest to the catcher’s thumb is the question she can answer.

Two Truths and a Lie

Each girl must tell two truths and one lie about herself and everyone must guess which of the things she’s saying is untrue. For example, TG’s Claire might say, “My cat is 20 years old; I don’t have a brother; and my hair is pink,” and everyone else would have to say which of those statements wasn’t true. It's fun if you pick three things about you that ALL sound kind of unbelievable.