Ever wonder what it's like to be a real ballerina? 

Talented teen Emily Seymour is just that. The dancer of the Sydney City Youth Ballet who appeared a production of The Polar Express, let us glimpse a whole day in her amazing life.

  1. Rise and shine, Emily! This teen starts her day bright and early.
    Ballerina: rise and shine
  2. The perfect ballerina bun is a must-have.Ballerina: beautiful bun
  3. Clean teeth are essential for someone who smiles as much as Em does!Ballerina: time for teeth
  4. She takes a train to school at the Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy.Ballerina: arrive at the dance studio
  5. Here, her day starts by signing in for classes. Ballerina: sign in for your dance classes!
  6.  Ballet time. Emily is at the barre doing an 'attitude derriere' (meaning she swings her leg to the back).
    Ballerina: first move of the day
  7. Snack break. Emily keeps herself healthy with snacks such as fruit cups.Ballerina: snack time
  8. Back to class. Emily does a 'developpe a la seconde on pointe' which means a big unfolding movement on the tips of her toes. Pretty amazing, huh?Ballerina: seconde on pointe
  9. Lunchtime. Emily fuels up on curry with rice, a juice and an apple.Ballerina: lunch time!
  10. It's amazing what a good lunch can do! Emily does a grand jete, literally a big leap. 
    Ballerina: grande jete
  11. Now she and other students are learning variations on some famous ballets.Ballerina: famous performances
  12. That's enough school for the day. Emily's off.Ballerina: day is done!
  13. Ballerinas have to do homework too!Ballerina: we do homework too!
  14. A nice steak dinner with veggies - yum!Ballerina: dinner time
  15. Some catching up with friends and last stretches for the day.Ballerina: stretch and social time
  16. After all that fun, it's time for bed.
    Ballerina: time for bed!