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Stan kpop ok bye - Issy hi TGs!!! I have been reading Total Girl for around a year and a half now an I absolutely love remember to stay strong and stay healthy! Bye - Addison Shout out to THE TEAM! I love them! - Mia shout out to my favourite singer Ariana grande - Thea I am a big fan of your mag as well as my friend Lily we both read it.. Very interesting. 💓 The magic mix it would be ssooo good to win.. 💕💕💕 - Athena N ver stop making these I have 12of the mags Sophia - sophia Hey tg! I have been reading you guys since 2014! Shoutout to my friend lily! <33-Hayley - Hayley Totally Embarrassing one day when i was in grade 2 teacher went to outside the classroom to grab her bag when she came all my other classmates were making noises running around the classroom then teacher said who wants to get out of the classroom i didnt listen what teacher said and i said me all my classmates were laughing - Hooriya Hey can't wait until the next issue<3 -scarlet - scarlet To all my classmates missing you all and my teacher best teacher ever.. - Athena