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Bubble-gum POP!: True or False (SPOILERS! Answers revealed)

Bubble-gum POP!: True or False (SPOILERS! Answers revealed)

Did you get every answer correct?

Hi TGs, 

Of course, every issue of Total Girl is jam-packed with fun activities!

For our fashion spread in the November 2021 issue (turn to page 48), we've added some 👏🏻POPPIN' 👏🏻 True or False questions for you to decipher! Check below to see if you got them right as well as some cool facts about all things that POP! 


✨You can visit a bubble-gum alley in real-life - TRUE ✨

There is an alleyway in San Luis, California called Bubblegum Alley, covered in REAL chewed gum!

✨Pink is the most popular colour for bubble-gum - TRUE✨

When Walter Diemer, inventor of bubblegum, was coming up with a new type of gum, pink food colouring was the only colour available.

✨It's easier to pop a bubble with wet hands - FALSE✨

Bubbles stick to moist surfaces! The best way to pop a bubble is with dry hands. 

✨The best day to blow bubbles is on a warm sunny day - FALSE✨

The best day to blow bubbles is on a colder day. Heat will make bubbles evaporate and pop quicker! 

✨In the 1800s, people ate popcorn like cereal with milk - TRUE ✨

Yes! This did happen! Maybe we should try it, TGs?  

✨The world's largest bubble ever blown from bubble gum is 50.8cm - TRUE✨

It took Chad Fell, who holds this record, three pieces of gum. This is two times bigger than a basketball! 

✨The fastest time to create a balloon dog is 10.5cm - FALSE ✨

The actual time 6.5 seconds by John Cassidy in 2006! Woah! 

✨Some people use popcorn as Christmas decorations - TRUE✨

Yass, some people put popcorn through a thread and hang it out like streamers! This is known as popcorn stringing or popcorn garland. 


How many did you know? Were there any answers that totally surprised you? Let us know in the comments below! 

For more fun activities, grab a copy of the November issue of Total Girl - out now. Retail copies of every mag come with a FREE Unicorn Fidget POP.

Click here for a sneak peek! 

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